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SMS is still Effective in 2021.

Whether you run a large company or small practise, having the ability to quickly send out concise and vital communication is essential in todays fast paced world. Despite the first SMS being sent in 1992 it is still an important tool in sending out direct messages. Whether is it a reminder to pay a bill, a notification of an outage, appointment reminder or a delivery notice – AfriSMS can be the perfect tool to add to your business’ communication tool box.  Send a single SMS or send thousands instantly!

AfriSMS Key Features

AfriSMS is a cloud based application which means all you need is an internet connection to login to our software. No matter where you are or the device you are using, you can send out vital communication 24/7 via our easy to use Bulk SMS Platform – AfriSMS.

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Bulk SMS Bundles

Pricing is for South Africa Only.

(Purchased SMS’ expire after a year, all prices are ExVAT. Minimum Quantities Apply)

Bundles Per SMS (ExVAT) Bundle Pricing (ExVAT)
250 SMS R 0.30 c R 75.00
500 SMS R 0.29 c R 145.00
1000 SMS R 0.28 c R 280.00
2500 SMS R 0.27c R 675.00
5000 SMS R 0.26 c R 1 300.00
10000 SMS R 0.24 c R 2 400.00
25000 SMS R 0.22 c R 5 500.00
50000 SMS R 0.20 c R 10 000.00
100000 SMS R 0.19 c R 19 000.00
250000 SMS R 0.18 c R 45 000.00

Who is AfriSMS?


AfriSMS is an Afridesign Product.


Afridesign is a technology company that has built hundreds of online applications, and has for many years been involved in Mobile Marketing & Bulk SMS solutions. AfriSMS is a culmination of years of experience to bring you a Bulk SMS tool that is simple to use and effective in delivering large quantities of SMS’ instantly.